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Text for Page 117 [04-05-1862]

	        Lodging for the Night.
deprived of the facility of speech by the concussion
caused by a shell.         One, not very seriously hurt,
was much gratified by a pipefull of tobacco,
which I filled and lit for him.           After about
an hour of this work, I went upstairs to the
lonely rooms, yesternight slept in by women
and looking out on the peaceful landscape, to-
night lit up by the glare of a distant burning
house and innumerable camp fires.  Foraging,
I got out two clean sheets (the last I slept in
for some time) and took possession of the heavy
spring mattrass, coveted by Rawlings, leaving
the four posters to the doctors.    Three of them
came up, anon, one old, two young, and at
first supposed me to be a wounded man.  They
made no objection to my position, turned in
themselves and we all slept soundly, with the
wounded and dying beneath.
  6.  Sunday.   Got a bucketful of water from
the well and washed all over, drying myself
on a white, feminine skirt.     The two young
doctors rose subsequently, the old one lying in
bed for another half hour or so.       Enter Raw-
lings! immensely surprised at my presence.
�You did sleep here, then, after all?� quoth he,
with a look of injury.  �Of course I did; you
didn�t suppose I was going to obey your orders.�
After a little talk he went away and Hen-               
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