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Text for Page 118 [04-06-1862]

	The day after.   Hendricks.   Berdan.
dricks appeared, � oily, Jewish and rascally.
Immediately he went to work examining drawers,
boxes and presses; pocketting children�s socks,
articles of women�s wear, with the remarks that
they would �just suit� divers members of his fa-
mily.    He secured paper, also, looking so much
like a wily Jew fence, overhauling stolen booty
that I could hardly forbear making the compari-
son aloud.   I chaffed him, advising him to put
a chest of drawers in his waistcoat-pocket &c.
Presently the old doctor work, Hendricks fell
to writing and I went down stairs to breakfast
in the basement.   Here I found Col. Berdanx
of the Regiment of Sharpshooters, and Dr Snel-
ling, the surgeon; who had come to see about the
condition of one of their wounded men.  From him
I obtained particulars of yesterday�s fight, while
I partook of rye, coffee and cold ham.   Afterwards
I accompanied the colonel and surgeon to their
regiment, where a young fellow, Lieut. Elmendorf,
was making a map of the position, a circular tin
plate being his table.     This map he presently du-
plicated for me, while I made notes from Ber-
dan�s account of the action.   Returning I found
Heintzelman�s people encamping in front of the
saw-mill, and had a word with Moses.            Then
to Clark�s House, to which I was refused admit-
tance, Gen. Porter having given strict orders that
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