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Text for Page 124 [04-07-1862]

       Negro Attic.     Weather-bound there.
up a fire and our roof was weatherproof.     All
four camped on the floor for the night.
  8.  Tuesday.   In doors all day, writing to the
Tribune.  (This letter was either suppressed by
the censorship, or the folks at the office deemed it
inexpedient to publish it; it contained yesterday�s
pickings up and involved some detail as to the po-
sitions of the camps: I haven�t seen it in print.)
Heavy rain outside as Hall drew and I scrib-
bled.    From the free colored men represented
axe in hand on page 101, I procured half a ham
and a lot of dough, and on this the quartette
of us fed, Babcock being cook.  He and his com-
rades were excellent fellows, Babcock rather
elderly and Graham possessing a Scotch physiog-
nomy.    They were both tired of soldiering and
beyond that the economical abolition of bands of
music throughout the army would set them at
liberty.          This day I missed my valise or
satchel, which contained the rough diary from
which I amplify this, my paper and other, al-
most indispensable articles.   We all suspected
Amesbury of having stolen it.     According to his
own account he wasn�t very scrupulous about help-
ing himself to things he �wanted.�     In this instance
the result proved that we did him injustice.
  9.  Wednesday.   Dr Bentley, the surgeon in
authority up, on a tour of disquisition.   He bes-               
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