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Text for Page 128 [04-09-1862]

	         Among the Doctors.
and so we kept on.     Ten minutes more brought
us to a wooden church, occupied as a hos-
pital, a shanty or two and a cluster of tents,
pitched agreably in a grove of pines; the whole
constituting the Hospital of Gen. Jamieson�s Bri-
gade.      Here, applying, we got some crackers and
coffee � like all the coffee drank on the peninsula,
milkless.     Soon I made friends, was introdu-
ced by an hospital-steward to a Dr Dexter,
of the       New York and shewn through the church.
It had about a score of wounded men in it.      Dex-
ter suggested that we should cross the high road
and a field to a house, occupied by his compan-
ions, where we might find a lodging.   So we
acted on the suggestion.   It was a deserted farm-
house, near, and for a wonder, newly-painted
or plastered inside.  Rogers, surgeon of the 63rd
Penn. whom we both knew occupied a low-
er room and we dined with him, the chaplain of
the regiment and Anderson of the Herald, who
dropped in.     Anon, in the afternoon, Hall went
off, for a walk to Heintzelman�s, I scribbled
awhile, then dozed on a ricketty bench.  Pre-
sently there came up an old boy who might have
stood for his portrait to Wilkie as a Scots border
farmer, clad in a blue caped overcoat, boots and
a wide-brimmed hat.  He was Doctor Berry of
the 38th New York (Hobart Ward�s regiment)               
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