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Text for Page 045 [12-12-1851]

              ning and afternoon.  Had a letter from Mr Hart contain-
ing two halves of two $5 bills for �Rome� work. Ought
to have received it yesterday, postman coming in my absence,
and girl in tails and trousers not having intellect enough
to raise two cents.  Wrote right off, about it.  Evening
being busy writing Ike Chapter 7, Joe came, talked
warmly about Kossuth. [words crossed out]
[words crossed out].   Wrote far on into
the night � drew also.
  13. Saturday. A note from Miller.  To Traveler
office &c., to Millers, Barth called in morning
and sat an hour or twain with me.     Afternoon down
town, the paper only out yesterday, partly occasioned
by Lockingtons remissness in getting engravings done.  To
Bartons for blocks,  sat awhile with Lockington,
back to supper.  Busy in the evening.
  14. Sunday.  Busy the live-long day, first drawing
Railways things, then writing Ike.   Getting warmed into
my subject wrote on till past midnight, nor ceased until
the Chapter was completed, at about 1.
  15.  Monday.  At work drawing, Holbrook called
gave him drawings &c.  Drawing on till dusk,
then with all the feelings of a captive escaped from
prison, through the dank chill evening to the
Traveler Office, and Lockington�s, left rebusses,               
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