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Text for Page 131 [04-11-1862]

         Skirmishing.     A Visit to Berdan�s.
in front.   So Aiken and I got to horse and
gallopped thither as far as we were allowed
to go, to the extremity of the big field fronting
Heintzelman�s.   Here a house was blazing a-
way bonnily to the right, set on fire by our shells,
while the rebels were responding in similar sort.  We
sat listening to the hellish scream of the shells,
surveying the scene and talking to two of Berdan�s
sharpshooters for awhile.    Col. Hays� negro boy
�Eph� recognized me and told me that his mas-
ter and a party of the 63rd Penn were in the
woods skirmishing; Hays �yelling like an Injun.�
At a corner of the wood, behind the Peach Orch-
hard mentioned in my first Yorktown letter, we
fell in with Gen Jameson, his staff and a company
of mounted soldiers.     (I learnt afterwards than
Anderson had been here, that in a hurried retreat
he got unhorsed and came running back, mired
from head to foot.)      Returning in the gloom of
the gathering night, Aiken proposed a detour
and visit to Berdan�s Camp, as he had a
relative there, a cousin or brother-in-law.  By
the way we got a feed for our horses, among some
cavalry.      At Berdan�s we found the Colonel
and others by whom I was immediately assailed
relative to my having made the chief and doctor
seek cover in the bushes� to avoid the shells, in
my Tribune letter.      Berdan (one of the vainest               
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