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Text for Page 134 [04-12-1862]

	        Camp Experiences.
body of a man, stiff and stark, killed in
yesterday afternoon�s skirmish.  Dined, with
Skilton, at Riley�s tent, the Mozarters being
adjacent.   Hall with us, all the time.  He got
accommodated with underclothing (which he very much
needed) by a Major Egan, a very good fellow, who
was not on speaking terms with his colonel.   Back
to our Sibley.              In the afternoon took a ride
with Heichhold to a promontory on the York Ri-
ver, commanding a view of the locality.    We pas-
sed a blossoming peach orchard of at least fif-
teen acres and saw the soldiers getting oysters
in the river.   A sunny but cold day.
  13.  Sunday.   Writing to the Tribune, du-
ring the best part of the day, partly in tent, partly
in the house of the doctors, partly at Heichhold�s 
tent.     Finished by 11.
  14.  Monday.   Hall goes off with the inten-
tion of re-visiting Fortress Monroe, in hopes 
of getting letters, money or clothes.  I start with
Skilton for a ride to Ship Point, some of the
particulars of which journey are contained in my
Tribune letter on page 121.      We lunched at a
farmer�s house and ultimately crossed Poqusen
or Fish Creek and went on board some transports,
afterwards striking off to Ship Point.       It was
a long ride and the doctor seemed more anxious to
display his horse than aught else.    We got back               
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