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Text for Page 138 [04-17-1862]

		At Lee�s Mills.

[newspaper clipping continued]
action, the 2d Rhode Island, the 1st New-Jersey,
Mott�s and Gorman�s, comprising 16 field-pieces, all
Parrott guns, supported by the three infantry regi-
ments constituting Jameson�s Brigade.  Our artillery
silenced that of the Rebels, dismounting one big gun
put up yesterday, and making a breach in the in-
trenchments.  The 2d and 34th New-York, the 1st
Minnesota, the 15th Massachusetts, the 3d Michigan,
shared the honors and casualties of the day.  I hear
that the latter are more serious than had been an-
  At 4 p. m. the Rebels made a sally in force, but
were repulsed with loss.  From thence until dark-
ness, and after, a murderous fire of rifle bullets was
kept up by the sharp-shooters on both sides.  Our
men ventured within 600 feet of the Rebels� intrench-
ments, discovering a fosse or ditch, which they pos-
sess the power of flooding at pleasure.  To-night the
87th New-York are detailed to throw up intrench-
ments, under cover of the darkness, nearer to the
Rebel lines than anything we have yet attempted, as
a basis for further and more important operations.
Meantime, our cannon make the night hideous with
shot and shell, possibly as a means of distracting the
enemy�s attention.
  You will probably have a more extensive as well
as succinct account of this action from my comrade,
attached to the corps of Gen. Keyes; it lies rather
within his domain than mine.  Great things are con-
fidently looked for within a day or two.

[Gunn�s diary continued]
Brigham was there, too,
and handed me $30 in
gold, remitted by the Tri-
bune, retaining the borrowed
$20 which made up the sum
sent.   A ride with Brig-
ham to the scene of yesterday�s
action, in which forty men
were killed, a hundred and 
ten wounded.    Arrived
at the three burnt chim-
neys indicated in the rough
plan of localities we saw

[map sketch drawn by Gunn of battleground at Yorktown]               
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