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Text for Page 139 [04-17-1862]

		Being Shot at.
an earthwork thrown up by our men to the left
overnight.    Sharpshooters crouched behind the brick
work of the burnt house and near them was the
Prince de Joinville, who more prudent than us,
had dismounted and left his horse in the rear.
�You are too thick there and will get a shot soon,�
said one of the rifle men as we sat in a row on
horseback, Brigham, Skilton and myself, sur-
veying the scene.   And very soon ping! went a
rifle-bullet, evidently aimed at us.        So we with-
drew, meeting Aiken in one of the camps in the
woods,            Galloping back with Skilton we
paused at the Mozarters, at Riley�s tent.         The
colonel came out and behaved with but little
courtesy, ostensibly because we didn�t dismount
to drink, really because he hadn�t seen any
special glorification of himself of my inditing, in
the Tribune.         Saw Dr Rogers.         Returning to
our Sibley, found Hall who brought a
batch of letters from Fortress Monroe and some
news.    Quigg had been arrested by order of Gene-
ral Wool, on charge of treason; his letters and
those of his mother opened; it was asserted that
a complete roster of the Union forces had been found
among his papers       There were also new and strin-
gent botherations to be inflicted on newspaper cor-
respondents.      I got letters from Haney, Bowery-
em and Ed. Greatbatch.          Writing.     Hall               
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