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Text for Page 140 [04-17-1862]

	     Parton�s Second Hegira.
lodges nocturnally in a Robinson Crusoe-like
house constructed under Heichhold�s superintendence,
one half serving as a hospital, the other as a living
and bed-room.       I scribbled till midnight (a Trib-
une letter of which I have no copy) to the distant
cracking of musketry and the sonorous boom of the
big gun.      It was a wild, windy night and very
cold in the fireless tent.   Skilton got up and
dressed himself.    Finishing my letter I went out
and found a group of men listening to the 
cannonading.                    Here are details of
Parton�s �separation� from Fanny, culled from
Haney�s letter.         �The day of the hegira was the
19th of March, and we have Jim now, safe
and sound, taking his meals at 745 Broadway,
but having a snug furnished room at Dodsworth�s
building.   Immediate cause of rupture � coming with
me to see his aunt; remote causes, W. Rogers,
Mary Rogers, J. C. Haney and others, who cling
to Jim.      There would have been no trouble if
Jim had only consented to be cut off from all who
really cared about him.      It was expres-
sly provided that I should not help Jim to move.
Two or three days after appeared a paragraph 
in the Times stating that F. F. had parted 
from her husband on account of personal ill treat-
ment.     In the Leader of Saturday succeeding, it ad-
ded to this charge the ill-treatment of a relative,               
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