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Text for Page 046 [12-15-1851]

              talked, with Holbrook &c., and returned to
the eighth drawing I have done this day, finished
then, and now � to bed.
[line crossed out]
[line crossed out]
  {16. Tuesday.     Drawing miscellanously or in
  17. Wednesday}     doors, or out.   Traveler Office
and Reveille.  Work for both.   Saw Mathews at his
Office, had a talk about his Chanticleer, which is
truly a delicious book.     One of these evenings
unto Perry Street, where, after ascertaining that
the Pictures were Not yet raffled, I, in the Bil-
liard room found Picton, costumed a la Garde
National, with capote &c, he being bound into a
ball.  Returning, called at Dobs, she having written
to me a request as to the whereabouts of Charles Brown
as to, which I could not inform her.     I hear that
Tilton holdeth regal sway there, curseth and revileth
the unhappy little feminine nincompoop at pleasure,
that she is also frantically jealous of attentions on his
part unto other women-boarders.     The little woman�s 
character is entirely lost, and it would appear with reason.
Snob Surtees professed to leave for this reason.   /
  I am now an habitant of a boarding-house of an
entirely new sort.  Every-thing is done by shifts and               
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