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Text for Page 141 [04-17-1862]

    Mort Thomson as �Fanny Fern�s� Bully.
meaning W. Rogers and the events of last year.
These were inserted by Mort Thomson, who is the
wreck of his former self, the willing instrument in
the hands of his wife and mother in-law.         He
tried to bully Mr Edwards for alleged contents of
Mrs Edwards� letter to Mary Rogers.   Mr E. told
him that he did not know what those letters contained,
as they were not in the habit of purloining private
letters from each other, and so shut Mort up.
He tried Nast relative to caricatures of F. F.
and youngest child, but didn�t do much � Tommy
stood his ground well.          I saw it, sitting in
the Courier Office.  I am threatened with a visit,
so is John; so is Bill Rogers.        John hasn�t
been seen; Bill Rogers hasn�t been seen and I
am waiting in fear and trembling.       Out tactics
for the present are quiet; relying on the past for
Jim�s justification with the public, and I think
it will answer.      If they press us however we shall
reply in a short note.       Jim is getting rapidly
stronger, now: he would have been a dead man
in three months if he had remained with her.  Du-
ring the last six or eight weeks his working power
was reduced to an hour and a half per day;
and he looked so worn and pale, it made my
heart sore to look at him.      Thank God I have
got him again!     I never felt more religious than
I do in contemplating this fact.         He walks               
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