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Text for Page 143 [04-17-1862]

       Rawlings.  �Under Arrest.�  Alf Waud.
  Hall, by the way, saw Rawlings at Fortress
Monroe, ordering ale for Gen. Hamilton and 
dictating authoritatively to all about him.  He said
he was going to Baltimore � from which city, be
it here added, he made his way back to his home
at Tivoli, having apparently had quite enough 
of soldiering.
  18.  Friday.   A ride to Heintzelman�s be-
fore breakfast, to mail letters.     In the after-
noon with Hall, Aiken and Heichhold � meeting
the second by the way � towards Yorktown, wil-
ling to visit a recently constructed battery.  We
had got to the extremity of the big field before
Heintzelman�s and beyond, when an officer bade
us �halt!� took our names and ordered us to
report ourselves to our superior officers as under
arrest.       So, parting from Heichhold, who went
off to his regiment, we followed Aiken, struck
into the woods to the left of the saw-pit, made
a detour and returned unexpectedly to our
hospital encampment.    Arrival of Brigham,
Wilkeson and others; Wilkeson bound for Hein-
tzelman�s.      Aiken, Hall and I rode off
southerly, Hall on borrowed horse, lagging
in the rear.    Visited a farm-house.   Met Alf.
Waud, took a gallop with him, ascertained
that nothing particular was imminent, quitted
Aiken and brought Waud back to our camp, where               
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