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Text for Page 145 [04-18-1862]

	Alf Waud.  Visit to the 1st Mass.
he remained for the night.    He had experienced
some difficulty in coming to the peninsula,
Stanton refusing him a pass as an artist, so
he got one as a nominal reporter on the Tribune,
relying on Wilkeson�s goodwill to connive at the
justifiable ruse.    Waud had written a letter or
so to the paper, one of which I saw in print;
in it he spoke of �even the bigotted English� ad-
miring the efficiency of the American soldiers!
He told me of his arrest, some months back, in
mistake for his brother and through that Bill
had a real commission in the South Carolina 
  19.  Saturday.   In tent till noon; then
off with Waud to visit certain friends of his
of the 1st Mass.   Passed Anderson and another
by the way.   To the right of saw-mill and bey-
ond.   In the tent of Lieut-Col Wells; cigars,
whiskey and talk for two hours.      Appearance
of Talcott, ex-telegraph operator at Washington,
present reporter for the Herald, Hendricks
and others.       (Alf had a letter from his wife,
requesting him to come back as the garden
wanted attending to.)       Supper in long tent,
open at both ends, with officers; all of us
sitting on a rail.     Anon a walk with Talcott.
Back to the hospital encampment alone, as the
rain set in heavily.          As the top of our Sibley               
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