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Text for Page 147 [04-19-1862]

	In Camp.     Rainy Weather.
had been lost, the rain came in soaked
through my blanket and coat and wetted me
more than agreeably.    So I had to get up and
remedy matters at about 3 A. M. and then
to stretcher and sleep again.
  20.  Sunday.   Still rain, pools of water,
little streams and muddy earth outside.  Piled
up boxes and put india-rubber blanket over top
aperture of tent.     Everything most and clammy.
Scribbling in Heichhold�s Cruesoe hut, which
by this time is accommodated with a stove.
Thus, or at Skiltons all day till evening, when
I went with Hall over to the surgeons� house.
Stayed in Rogers� room writing till 10, its
tenant, the chaplain and Heichhold there for
half an hour or so.   A black scramble back
to tents, everything dark as Erebus, excepting
the lurid camp-fires along the horizon.     Tum-
bled into pits and pools of water and go mud-
died up to boot-tops.       Found the tent like
wet blotting paper, but though dog-tired, damp
and diarrhaish, fell asleep with a hot brick
to my feet, provided by the thoughtfulness of Hol-
man.         Heine came to Heichhold�s hut on
a visit of inspection this morning.
  21.  Monday.   Sent man on my horse
to Heintzelman�s to mail letter, who was, of
course too late for that day�s post.   Hither and               
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