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Text for Page 151 [04-22-1862]

	At Heichhold�s hut.    Wilkeson off for
N.Y. Illustrated News.    Returning we sup-
ped at Bement�s and, leaving, parted with
Lumley at the Yorktown road.     Feeling rather
sick and achey, when I got to Heichhold�s hut,
he procured me a tub of hot water � in which I
washed all over.    Then, after a theological dis-
cussion, I lay down beside my host and slept
  23.  Wednesday.   Talking with the negro
lad who had volunteered as Heichhold�s servant,
and making an alphabet for him.        He told us
some amusing stories about what the rebels had
reported of Yankee intentions towards the slaves:
how they were to be harnessed to cannon, sold
to Cuba &c.        Scribbling.   (In my letter I said
nothing about the Battery in construction at Faren-
hold�s, that being contraband matter.     The troops
had not begun it very long before our visit.)      A
visit from Wilkeson in the afternoon, who had
been staying, not too comfortably, at Heintzel-
mans.     He was on his way back to Washington,
proposing, however, to pay another visit to the pe-
ninsula.         Off with Heichhold and Hall to
Camp Scott, Mc Clellan�s headquarters, the for-
mer to the Surgeon�s tent, we to that of a Capt.
Raymond, where we procured �paroles,� giving 
up our former ones.      Then we joined Heichhold.
Milhan from Heintzelman�s appeared.          (He               
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