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Text for Page 155 [04-24-1862]

		Camp Life and
Heintzelman�s to Lowe�s balloon corps, in
search of Painter of the Phila.  Enquirer, as di-
rected by Wilkeson.      Anon to the 87th N. Y.
the doctor having to see about a burial.    To Heint-
zelman�s again, joining a knot of officers near
the fire.      Shot and shell were falling from the
rebel lines in the field near to us.       Talk
with the General, with Nevins and Sneedon, the
last of whom I found in a chilly tent, at work
on plans.       Rode back to a soldier�s funeral
near our camp.         The selfish sick (?) chaplain
of the 87th N.Y. (Williams, a Connecticut man)
read the service and a Lieut Flandran deli-
vered a really good address.  Writing to the
Tribune in the evening.
  25.  Friday.   Reading, scribbling &c., a 
dank drizzly day.    Dexter and others about.
Wrote to Boweryem. Talcott came.  Spurry friend
of Skilton�s arrived.     A ride with Heichhold
to Cheeseman�s Point and landing in the York
River, through the wet, muddy woods.        Went
aboard of a steamer in a boat, � the larger ves-
sel sent by Gov. Curtin and the good state of
Pennsylvania for transportation of the sick and
wounded home.   Chaplain Marks was there &
Dr Rogers.          On returning to the shore I was
accosted by Jesse K. Baker whom I�d known
for the last twelve years as foreman at Wells               
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