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Text for Page 157 [04-26-1862]

	Camp Life and Incidentals,
  26.  Saturday.   Rain steady and almost
incessant all day.   In log hut or visiting Skil-
ton�s tent, reading, writing, loafing, dozing, sit-
ting by fire, conversing and smoking.    Prospect 
out of doors execrable.   Story of a fight detailed
in Tribune letter of to-morrow, also in one
of to-day of which I have no copy.  I wrote every
day, generally at night.
  27.  Sunday.   With Hall to Heintzelman�s.
Talk with Nevins and a newly-arrived telegraphic
operator named Lathrop.   Capt Hamilton of
the Penn 63rd there, with him to Porter�s head-
quarters and then to those of Mc Clellan and
the Post-Office.     Anon, with Hall to the 1st
Mass, getting particulars of skirmish and
attending funeral of men killed in it.  Waud
there also; presently Talcott, Hendricks and
a new Herald man named Ward.    I went off
with Alf subsequently to the tent of a sutler
of the 11th infantry (regulars) where we drank
some Scotch ale and I bought a bottle of
brandy.         Writing at night, as usual.
  28.  Monday.   Witnessed the sad scene des-
cribed in the letter of this date.   A ride with
Heichhold to his regiment.       Visited Mac Knight
the colonel.   Alone to Gen Hamilton�s head-
quarters, a little quadrangle of tents in the
forest, on the borders of a swamp.   Found               
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