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Text for Page 158 [04-26-1862]

              [newspaper map of positions at Yorktown on April 26]

[newspaper clipping: first column]
  The above is an accurate sketch, taken on the
spot by one of our correspondents, of the gallant ac-
tion of the 26th of April, when a Rebel redoubt was
carried at the point of the bayonet by Company H,
Capt. Carruth, of the 1st Massachusetts.  Company
A deployed on the left as skirmishers; Company I

[newspaper clipping: second column]
was held in the woods on the right as a reserve
when Capt. Carruth advanced with his command
across the open ground, as shown, amid a storm of
bullets, without firing a shot till they crossed a deep
ditch, leaped over the parapet, and drove the Rebels
before them.  Company A. of the 11th Massachu-

[newspaper clipping: third column]
setts then advanced to their rapport from the ex-
treme right, engaged the Rebels, capturing 13 pris-
oners, while the attacking party destroyed the re-
doubt.  The whole force then withdrew under a
heavy fire of rifle balls, shot, and shell from the
Rebel fortifications.

[Gunn�s handwriting]
Sent by me to the Tribune.               
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