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Text for Page 160 [04-28-1862]

		In the Swamp.
Sneedon at work on maps in Heine�s tent.
Talk with Mallon, a young ordinance officer.
Took Sneedon back with me to Mac Knight�s
tent, where we dined in rough sort.           With
the honest chaplain Marks to his tent on the
edge of the miry water that almost encircled 
the camp.     Thanks to a huge brick chimney
which he and his tent-mates had erected, and
an artificial floor, they kept their health.    To
the 63rd Penn.     Col. Hays lying in a low 
dark tent, on a couch of leaves, one eye bound
up, from neuralgia; he expected to lose the
sight of it.     All these camps were in a horribly
sickly location; water being within a foot of
the surface of the earth.         Rejoined Sneedon
at Gen. Hamilton�s, whom I saw and spoke
with.       In Heine�s tent.      Riding away met
Anderson who joined me.     Heine appeared
and insisted on our returning to partake of
�rum and Dutch herrings, made in Maine.�
Heine had charge of running certain paral-
lels and an observatory and was full of con-
tempt for �theoretical� engineering, wishing that
he had a contract to take Yorktown and cater
for the army; it might cost, he said, 300 lives
to storm the entrenchments but ten times that
number would die of disease in the entrench-
ments.  He exhibited a bough-covered with               
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