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Text for Page 048 [12-17-1851]

              women here palliate ^|him| [words crossed out]
[words crossed out].             Much talk
of the Forrest Case, and of Lola Montez, who 
ere long appears at the Broadway, some declaring
her to be an angel, others an ugly, vicious old wo-
  {18. Thursday.     In doors chiefly, working on stone,
  19. Friday.     Mr Harts title.  Davis called
  20.  Saturday}     with glass &c. Paid him.  At
Dunsiers on Saturday evening.     At the Traveler
and Reveille Offices, to and fro.
  21.  Sunday.  Being still at work on stone.
Joe called.     Baudoin called.  He in employ
at Bobbett and. Edmonds.  In doors till evening,
then to Chapins, and heard his glorious ser-
mon �  Touched finely on Kossuth and Louis Na-
poleans usurpation, which this day�s telegraph
communicates.     Met Hands there.   Left him
at Leonard Street and called on Mrs Kidder.
Found  Cooper & Ward there.   Talk, about
Kossuth, Dickens, American Notes, and Creed.
Cooper an infidel, and Ward a nothingarian.
Bah!          Lotty writes not to her mother, and
theirs feud betwixt them � She�s now in Alabama.
  22.  Monday.   Albert Brown called.  In               
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