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Text for Page 161 [04-28-1862]

              [newspaper clipping]
  MY DEAR SIR�Mr. Sinclair has gone to ye army before
Yorktown to make arrangements to get us ye news.  He
will probably see you, & you will act in conjunction
with him.
  Your sketch of ye battle-ground of ye 16th came just
eight days after ye battle.  Of course it was useless.
The corr: of ye Philadelphia Inquirer had sent
one to that paper, which it had had engraved & pub-
lished, which I had also had engraved & published, three
days before yours reached me.  I pray you remember ye
Tribune is a daily news-paper�or meant to be,�& not a
historical record of past events.  Correspondence to be
of any value must be prompt, fresh & full of facts.  I
know how difficult it is, under ye censor ship to write, but
there must be facts enough of general interest all about
you to make a daily letter.  Yours for to morrow�s paper
is ye best you have sent us�short & to ye purpose.  I
should like you to write daily, if only a half, a quarter
column, so that ye report of all you may tell be con-
tinuous.  The curiosity & anxiety about Yorktown is
feverish, & ye public like ye paper best that is always
giving something.  If there is absolutely nothing to write
about, drop a line and tell me that.  The HERALD is con-
stantly ahead of us with Yorktown news.  The battle of
ye 16th we were compelled to copy from it.  Yrs. very
truly,					       S. H. GAY.               
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