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Text for Page 165 [04-28-1862]

	Sinclair the Tribune publisher.
my old negro-attic.    Graham, I learnt was
still there, though absent; I saw the musical in-
struments.     The room on the right had been 
converted into a carpenter�s shop.      Rode back
to Heichhold�s, meeting by the way, Woodward,
once of the Picayune and Lantern, now a quar-
termaster of the 6th New Jersey.       A lovely
afternoon.    Supped with Hall and Holman.
Writing to the Tribune at night.
  29.  Tuesday.   A note from Sinclair, pub-
lisher of the Tribune, dated from the camp of
the 105th Penn.   Presently he arrived, with a
brother in law of his, had a conference and de-
parted.     After dinner he appeared again, when
I took him to Heintzelman�s and introduced
him to the General.     Gen. Hamilton came up.
In telegraph tent with Sneedon, Nevins and
others.     Off in search of Thomson Mc Elrath,
whom we found at the camp of the 5th U. S.
artillery, hard by the high road, in the tent
of a Capt. Weed.      A proposition to visit our
left, as Sinclair wanted to see Brigham, so
Mc Elrath got a horse for the publisher and we
set off through the woods.    Past the camps of
the 105th Penn; the 38th N.Y. and the 40th
N.Y.    Saw Hobart Ward, Dr Berry and Ri-
ley, the latter doing the friendly.  Ward knew
Sinclair.          At Ayres� Camp at last, under               
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