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Text for Page 166 [04-29-1862]

		Ayres� Battery.
the indifferent pilotage of Mc Elrath.   Brigham
returned, temporarily, to Fortress Monroe.   Off
to see a newly-erected battery on the right of the
three chimneys, a ride through the camps and forest
bringing us to it.  It consisted of a long line of earth
works and bags filled with earth, pierced with
eight embrasures, mounting ten pound Parrott
guns.    Soldiers were yet at work on it.  Beyond,
across a broken open space, was a rebel redoubt,
at 450 yards distance, with thick woods to
the right.    Peeping through the embrasures with
due caution, one could see everything with curious
distinctness.       Remounting our horses (left
in the rear) we rode back, meeting Wallington
by the way.   Through the woods, finding
soldiers returning from fatigue duty in the trench-
es.     We were skirting the line of the enemy�s works
in woods where a good many shells had exploded 
that afternoon; one burst near Riley�s camp,
wouding a man.       But for accidental guidance
we might have ridden right into the rebel entrench-
ments, as it was a shell or two assured us
of our hazardous propinquity.   Left Sinclair
with the 105th Penn and got back to Heich-
holds.       A letter conveyed to me by the Tribune
pub publisher from Fortress Monroe.    From my
mother, enclosed by Haney.        Sarah Ann Bol-
ton staying at our house, ill with some internal               
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