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Text for Page 167 [04-29-1862]

              Hither and thither �
complaint, Hill attending her: she �would ra-
ther not have her mother and sister sent for,� though
she had previously been staying a month at Char-
leys Canonbury house by her mother�s wish, as
�Rosa was so dull � no one visiting her.�   My mother
and sisters don�t care about doing it, �unless invi-
ted and the day fixed.�               From Haney I learn
that Parton has been resumed by his harridan,
�retaining, however, his room, which is a sort
of casemate to which he can retreat when the
firing becomes too heavy.�  Bellew has �peace (?)
and a boy at home.�
  30.  Wednesday.   Chaplain Fuller (brother
to the famous Margaret) of the 16th Mass, who
accompanied Sinclair from Fortress Monroe, drop-
ped in, anon the publisher and Col. Mac Knight.
Accompanied Sinclair to the 8th Mass, en-
camped in front of �Clark�s house,� anon to Hein-
tzelman�s, where we saw the General, Mc Kever,
Sneedon, Nichols and Lathrop.       Heichhold and
Mc Knight arrived and Cogg (brother-in-law
to Sinclair and sutler to the 105th Penn.).   They
went off together to Camp Scott, to get a pass
for the latter, who wanted to accompany Sinclair
to Fortress Monroe.          Dropped into Green�s
house on my way back, finding the objection-
able chaplain and a German �lady� � sutler,
who was in bed, a little sick and rather good-               
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