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Text for Page 168 [04-30-1862]

looking.       She wouldn�t sell, but presented me
with a bottle of wine, like claret.       Dr. Berry
at the hospital-church.           Sinclair appeared
again, left his field-glass with me and went
off, for New York via Baltimore.    A rain-
storm.    Aiken appeared at 5 P. M. and pro-
posed a visit to Farenhold�s, finding our way
with much adroitness through the woods by a short-
cut.        Arrived, we find that that the enemy
has been throwing shot and shell over the house,
into the field beyond, practicing irregularly from
noon till 4.          In the dismantled house; talk
ing with the Connecticut artillerymen; examining
percussion shells thrown by the rebels.   Into
adjoining field ploughed up by them.        Digging
a shell out of the grave-like cavity on which
it had created.           A lowerig cloudy sky
overhead and presently a rain-storm which

  View of Gloucester and Yorktown, from Farenhold�s, with
	Battery No. 1. in the foreground.               
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