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Text for Page 049 [12-22-1851]

              doors all day.  Finished the Cazenovia Title on Stone.
Holbrook came with block &c.     At work on wood.
for the Reveille all the evening.
  23. Tuesday.  Drawing on wood for both Traveller
and Reveille when Barth and Holbrook came, the
former having fetched the latter from the Police Court
where he had gone to testify to Hawkins respectability �
he having cow-hided an Irishman.     Barths birthday.
Imbibition in moderation & lunch.  Holbrook left,
and at about 3, Barth did.     Finished both drawings,
and then down-town with them, to the Reveille Office,
then to Lockingtons  and then to the Traveller.
  24  Wednesday.   Called at Reveille Office.  Got $2 1/2 
for block.  To Traveler.  To Castle Garden, to Mil-
lers &c.   Afternoon at the Traveler Office, Holbrook
back to supper with me, then together through the
snowy ice-cold streets to Broughams Lyceum, where
they played the Christmas Carol.    [word crossed out]
I shan�t forget the happy first reading of that exquisite
book.     A very poorly attended house, though the
players were good.     Oyster stew and a glass together
at Shelleys afterwards, talk about the paper; Hol-
brook being about to reduce it both in size and
price.    Parted at midnight at Stewarts �
and this was my Christmas Eve � Shall I ever               
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