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Text for Page 171 [05-01-1862]

              Scribbling and Camp-Life.
  1.  Thursday.   Scribbling and reading all the
damp and partially rainy morning.   With Hall,
he walking, I riding to the camps.       At Gen Hamil-
ton�s, saw Sneedon, witnessed a dress parade
of the Mozarters and supped with Riley.    With
him, again to Gen Hamilton�s, as it grew dark.
Headache and out of sorts.     A brief letter to the
  2.  Friday.   To Heintzelman�s with Hall.     Saw
the General, and Moses; introduced to General
Hooker.     Anon left Hall and went on chase af-
ter Wells of the 1st Mass.   To Hooker�s
Headquarters after him, in the rear of Heintzel-
man�s.       Shot and shell coming over in front all
the morning and one plunged into the ground
some hundred yards from where I sat in sad-
dle, causing a foolish rush of soldiers to the
spot; had the enemy followed it with another they
might have done some execution.   Rode off near
Clark�s house to the 6th New Jersey, visiting
Woodward its quartermaster and being intro-
duced to its Lieut-col Van Lear.     Thence to the
3rd infantry, regulars; saw Lieut Helm and
others.   By 1. back to quarters; dined with
Skilton.    Letters from Gay, Boweryem and 
Edward Greatbatch, the last dated Pittsburg
Miss.    The boy was in that bloody fight.  Capt.               
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