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Text for Page 172 [05-02-1862]

              Edge arrives.     An Artillery Duel.
Aiken arrived and together we sat conversing
in front of the church hospital, during the sul-
try afternoon, he wanting me to undertake the
writing of certain letters to the Philadelphia Press,
Forney�s paper.     Aiken leaving, Brigham came.
Writing to the Tribune and to Gay in the eve-
  3.  Saturday.   Appearance of Edge, from
Ship Point, he having arrived with the Jersey
Brigade, recently commanded by Gen. Kearney. En-
tertained Edge and, in the afternoon, took him up
to Heintzelman�s, then to Berdan�s � the latter
away.      The Sharpshooter�s Camp had been ren-
dered very picturesque, by avenues of fir trees,
and arches of the same.     Off, crossing Worms-
ley�s creek I succeeding in getting my horse over
a broken foot bridge.   As the guns were banging
away to the right, we made what speed we could
to Farenholds and there found a pretty artil-
lery duel in progress between the Connecticut ar-
gunners in charge of Battery No 1. and the re-
bel Water Battery, below the steep bank of York-
town.   When the Parrott hundred pounders went
off they made a startling concussion in the upper
chambers of the deserted house; you might have
thought that one side of it had been blown down. The
rebel gunnery was not effective; it only succeeded
in putting shells over the house into the field beyond;               
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