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Text for Page 177 [05-04-1862]

          A Mc Clellan		Prisoners at
	     Partisan.	          Heintzelman�s.
curious to observe the current feeling, while
it was hot.         Meeting officers we knew, I wait-
ed awhile while Edge withdrew with an acquaint-
ance of his, and, sitting on horseback was an
edified witness of the behavior of a certain major
of �regulars� who strode up and down in front
of his tent, gazed upon by his juniors, uttering
a sort of soliloquy, eulogistic of Mc Clellan. �If
the G_d d____d abolitionists and black republicans
said a word against George B. Mc Clellan now,�
he said, �after this (as though it were a great
victory) �he was for hanging every G_d d____d
one of them!�    The fellow was trying to bully
himself and others into the belief that the thing was
a triumph, not a reproach and a humiliation.
Quitting Edge, I gallopped off to Heintzelman�s,
which I found a scene of great bustle.       Ater
a bit of talk with the General (who delivered
himself of nothing in particular, but was perfectly
sanguine of the speedy defeat of the enemy and cap-
ture of Richmond) a couple of rebel prisoners
were brought in and questioned by him, in a
sufficiently snappish and churlish manner.
One was a tall, sunburnt Irishman, in a dusty
gray suit, with a coarse blanket strapped be-
hind him, anoher an ex-sailor.    Heintzelman
talked to the men as though they were malefactors.
  Mc Keever and Johnson were unusually ani-               
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