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Text for Page 178 [05-04-1862]

		Into Yorktown.
mated and friendly this morning, in honor of
the advance � hurriedly packing up and designa-
ting articles to be cared for by the servants � in-
viting me to drink and the like.          Many of the
tents had already been struck; others were fal-
ling.   Presently I was addressed by Lathrop
the telegraphic operator who, in high spirits prof-
ferred his hand, with �Well, good by, Mr Gunn;
I�m going on to Yorktown to open communication,
� I�ve got the General�s permission!�        I bade
him farewell and getting to horse, followed
him in about half an hour.         For my ride
to Yorktown see the printed letter on the oppo-
site page.     The entrenchments looked huge enough,
and Yorktown itself, perched on high, impres-
sed me with an odd boyish reminescence of
Giant Despair�s Castle in Pilgrim�s Progress.
When I rode right into the vicinity of the
torpedoes, the soldiers scattered to the right and
left with an alarmed shout that I �should be
blown to h__l before I knew it,� pointing
out poor Lathrop, as an illustration of the
danger.     He was carried past on a stretcher,
and subsequently died at Yorktown.   The tor-
pedo that mutilated him had been buried in
the telegraph office, in Yorktown.  Rambling
in and about the place, of which an excellent
idea may be obtained from the accompanying
  x On the day after, at Washington (?) says the �Rebellion Record.�               
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