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Text for Page 050 [12-24-1851]

              spend one as I�d wish.  What a genial one it
should be, and how well can I picture it! Ah me!
  25. Thursday.   Christmas Day, a blessing upon 
it.     Sunny and cold, ice, snow and sleigh-bells
every-where.   Drew a little, then out.   Met
Forrest in Broadway, who acknowledged recognition
by a most gracious wave of the hand as he entered
the Theatre.  Met Joe, who invited me to his
fathers that evening.     Down town to the Traveler
Office.     Found two printers dining off potatoes &
expecting Holbrook, who did�nt come.     Stood some
ale &c., talked awhile then left.   Back to din-
ner, rather lonely.   Scarce a soul to give season-
able greeting to me.    Met Nagle at the Carleton,
and drank with him.     Dined at about 4, then
after an hour of or so to Mr Greatbatchs. There 
all the evening save for a walk with Joe to the 
Art Union Exhibition.   Snowing hard �
  26. Friday.  Drawing hard all the morning
Rebusses &c for Reveille.     Barth came. Lock-
ington came in the afternoon.   Down town with
him .  To Reveille.  Got $1.50.    To Traveler.
Holbrook came in evening with third part of 
sum for astrological block from Roback.
  27. Saturday.     Having overnight made a               
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