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Text for Page 181 [05-04-1862]

	In Yorktown.     My horse lost
photographs.     Found Alf Waud and some
of the Signal Corps; rambling about with them
in the scenes described in the printed letter (one
half of which, relating the feeling about Mc Clellan,
was suppressed � for the Tribune was then trying
to ignore its past wholesome denunciation of the little
humbug.)    Peeped into Cornwallis Cave, occupied
as a Magazine, rather scaring the fellows, who ap-
prehended torpedoes.  In and atop of the Court
house, where I was diligently scribbling, when some
fellows of the 22nd Mass came up and were ex-
tremely interested in a copy of the Tribune which
I possessed, containing the sketch inserted at page
142, which I had sent on to the paper.              Going
below I met Col. Berdan, who of course attributed
the evacuation of Yorktown to the prowress of the
Sharpshooters.    He was urgent that I should go
back to his camp, dine with and glorify him.    At
this juncture Hall turned up, having procured a
horse from Bement, and made some good sketches.
Encountered Sam Wilkeson, whose horse � a
fine animal for which he had paid at least $200
� had been stolen.  Almost at the same time to my
horror I discovered that my beast had got loose
from the staple to which I had fastened him and
was invisible!     Instituted a half frantic search
and was jut going to steal another horse, one
of three or four which I found caparisoned under               
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