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Text for Page 183 [05-04-1862]

		The ride back
vered my animal, whom we presently captured.
Enormously relieved, Hall and I induced the
negro to convey us to where we might get a meal,
Wilkeson having gone off.    He took us to an
old fashioned house, in the basement of which some
cold meats were presently set forth, by a rather
comely negress, from an adjacent shanty, who
waited upon us and told us of her recent master
and his guests, who had supped there on the
previous night.    Evening appearing Hall and I,
who had imprudently left all our traps behind,
resolived to return to the old camp for the night,
and to follow the march of the army next day.
So, first visiting a hut where I procured a
rebel pike, about eight feet long, similar to
one carried by Hall � there were some scores,
and had been some hundreds of them in the place,
and, near it�s door, was buried a torpedo � we
we set out, keeping carefully towards the sides
of the road, in pursuance of a caution given to
me by the negro.     Everything looked wild
and strange and dreary as we pursued our
darknening and devious path, the huge trenches
yawning like graves, the deserted rebel tents
flapping in the night wind and rain � most of
them being slashed and rent by their former in-
mates, that they might be useless.      I daresay
that Hall and I looked rather like Quixote               
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