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Text for Page 185 [05-04-1862]

	  From Yorktown towards
denoted the former locality of the tents.     In
the immense field beyond, once so populous, it
was strange to mark the contrast, one saw no
tents, except over at the headquarters, of the command-
er in  chief; he, of course, had not stirred.           Ar-
rived at our former quarters, Skilton�s tent
had disappeared, his regiment having march-
ed onwards: we found strangers in possession
of the grounds.    Happily Heichhold was there
and accorded us his usual hospitality.       Sat
up till 2, writing to the Tribune, the rain
  5.  Monday.}       pouring down furiously, on
the log roof, then, feeling dead beat, got a few
hours sleep.      In the morning scribbling again,
two more letters, with dispatches &c to the
Tribune, also got Heichhold to write a letter,
(which wasn�t printed.)    Hall at work drawing.
He made me a bit of a plan of Yorktown, which
Alf Waud had promised to do.       By 2 o�clock
the rain had moderated, when I got to horse
and set of with Heichhold, tidings having
already reached us of a fight before Williams-
burg.      The country looked wild and deso-
late beyond conception, the roads were muddy
and full of puddles.        We rode pretty fast
and entered Yorktown, which Heichhold saw for
the first time.      Saying goodbye to him, in the
town, I rode off in the track of the army.               
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