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Text for Page 051 [12-27-1851]

              new drawing for Reveille took it there, and it was
accepted.     Traveller Office some time.  Genins &c.
Post Office.   Afternoon down town again.  Had a
stew at Van Name and Bush�s, then to Burtons
theatre to see Oliver Twist, thereto suggested by a
little actress who boards here at Mrs Leave.     Fanny
Wallack for Mrs Moorhouse played Nancy. [words crossed out]
[words crossed out]     Returned at midnight, met Mrs Havard
on the staircase, who was very particular in enquiring
as to the effect of her voice on the stage.  She had
but two sentences to say in it, being a beginner; But
to make up she acts all day long in private life. 
[words crossed out]
   28. Sunday.  In doors all day.  Very unwell /
Weak &c. diarrhea.    Davis called and stayed
all the afternoon.  Writing the last five pages or
so, having let all get in arrear.   Wait do so again
if I can help it.
  29th. Monday.  To Reveille Office, thence after
getting �Big Abel and Little Manhattan� to Engraver
Avery�s. [words crossed out]
Thence to Traveler, Lockingtons &c.  To the Post
Office, back to Reveille Office.   Return to Frank-
lin Street and dinner.  An unnaturally warm day,
fire being scarce requirable.  Dozed in the afternoon               
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