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              [newspaper clipping]
  Among those who have fallen for the Union, none
ranked higher for unselfish patriotism or reckless dar-
ing than Gen. Hays.  Assigned to the command of a
division into the Army of the Potomac during the Gettys-
burg campaign, and coming to it just subsequent to the
departure of its old and beloved commander, Gen.
Hays, by his sublime courage, immediately won the
respect, love and confidence of his men.  By his �boys�
he was likened to the stormy petrel, for in the storm of
battle, when the very air seemed hot from the attrition
of the missiles of death hurtling through it, mounted on
his prancing war-horse and in his jolliest mood, was
Hays waving his sword, shouting defiance to the
enemy and encouraging his men.  And so he fell in the
Wilderness, dying as he lived, a brave soldier and an

[Gunn�s handwriting]
Trib.  Dec 1864               
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