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Text for Page 052 [12-29-1851]

              Lockington came.   Evening drew the subject
apropos of Louis Napoleon [words crossed out]
for the Reveille, then did the one for  pos-
ter, for Jew Levy, Printer.  Bed late
  30. Tuesday.  Finishing drawings,
to Reveille, thence Traveler, paper out,
and price being reduced to one cent, selling
admirably.  To Castle Garden, to Reveille
again &c.  A pleasant notice in the Re-
veille, of me.  Evening crossed to Brooklyn
called at Dunsiers, all out, returned, dense
ghostly mist, bells sounding, ferry boats risking
safety.  Mud, mist, and clammy wet shroud-
ing everything.   Reading Mathews glorious
books.  That man has genius.
  31.  Wednesday.  Mr Hart aroused 
me, having arrived last night.  Down
town with him, to Millers, to Cedar St,
to Traveler Office, to Reveille, (got $2.50.)
to Castle Garden, (no linen) to Holts,
where I left him.   Beastly day .  Mud
and discomfort everywhere.    To Canal
Street.  Got boots.  Back to Frank-
lin. Drawing,  driven rain without.
And now, here, on the last day of               
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