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Text for Page 204 [05-06-1862]

		The Morning after
Most of the reporters had scattered before; but
the house and its environs was, of course, crowded
by soldiers.      Parting with Wilkeson I got to
horse and set out for the battle-field.            My ride
and what I saw is detailed in the printed letters,
omitting mere personal details.  In the road to
the right I presently came upon the young fellows
attached to Heintzelman�s; Sneedon, Nichols and
Nevins, from the latter of whom I got news of
the whereabouts of Wilkeson�s horse.  The lad had
seen the animal, knew who had him.       Dismount-
ing I got him to take my horse and to ride back
to inform Wilkeson, I meanwhile tarrying and
sharing a meal of beef, broiled on a fire by the
roadside.    It tasted good enough to a hungry
man, thought it was cut from a very un-butcher-
like lump, apparently hewed out of the carcase
with an axe.   We lay in a little copse, beside the
road, a mere channel of mud, all the time oc-
cupied by marching soldiers.   The sun was very
hot.        Saw Dr Rogers.         Nevins delayed some
time; hence directly he returned I mounted
and was off again.    My ride is in the letter.  In
one of the negro-cabins alluded to I found old Dr
Berry, who gave me the names of those within,
lying wounded, some of whom I visited.     And
riding through the pines I was accosted by
�Eph,� Dr Skilton�s negro-boy, who ac-               
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