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Text for Page 207 [05-06-1862]

		The Day after
companied me almost to the battle-field, pre
vious to which I fell in with the deaf old doctor
of the 1st Mass. who, in consequence of his in-
firmity, wasn�t a very agreeable companion.
After exploring the battle-field, as stated, I visit-
ed the prisoners, conversing with many of them,
principally North Carolinians.   I would have
given a good prize for a photograph of those
faces and figures; I never saw anything so 
striking and peculiar in my life.  The counte-
nances were sun-baked, the clothes almost de-
void of color, the whole effect extraordinary.
One officer told me that his mother was an
Englishman; all were anxious that their names
(as survivors of regiments) should appear in
print.      I got, also, plenty of names from our
troops, of �casualties.�         Riding, at length,
to Williamsburg, I sought out Heintzelman�s
headquarters, in a spacious wooden house,
near to that occupied by Mc Clellan.   Here I
found the old �Dutchman,� his staff and Wil-
keson, to whom I gave assurance of the safety
of his horse; upon which he almost embraced me
and invited me to share the best dinner that
the best hotel in Richmond could furnish � when
we got there � nothing doubting that possibility.
He was busy enough, scribbling in a parlor,
one of the letters I have inserted; Heintzel-               
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