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Text for Page 044 [10-24-1849]

              in the afternoon.
  {25. Thursday   At work on the tract still. Did not
  26. Friday.}   stir out, save for a bit of a walk in 
the morning of one day, and the evening of the other. Back
gammon and books, divertisements. / Lamartine�s History of the
Revolution of which he was, most certainly, the hero.   Most nobly
begun was it. Alas! alas!  when will the peoples be wise enough
to preserve, as well as fight for Liberty, � and when will the
�Knaves and dastards� that are now uppermost in Fair France 
sink to their true level. God speed the time.
  27. Saturday.  To New York in the afternoon � to the
�Bubble Office� where I saw Messrs Brougham and Talman, the
Editors.   Then to the American Missionary Society � saw Mr Roberts
brother in law � also the old gentleman I met there before, when
I first met Mrs Washburn.   Childs is coming there for a
Season, in place of poor Mr R.
  28. Sunday.  Book rummaging � then a walk, smoke and
read up Bergen wards, on the rocks.  Back to dinner � and
reading the rest of the day.  Wing and cronies out fshing off
  29. Monday. To New York. First to a place in answer
to an advertisement. (supplied.)   Then to Bobbett and Edmonds,
with a block I purchased at Wells & Webb, in exchange for               
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