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Text for Page 211 [05-06-1862]

	    Lodgings for the Night.
from Alexandria.     The temporary disar-
rangement of this venerable article of furni-
ture by me, as I sat down, seriously discom-
posed him; he got up, snuffed his dissatis-
faction and re-adjusted the chair with his own
warrior�s hands.      The meal was discussed
with the accompaniment of talk about the recent
fight and much indirect adulation of Heintzel-
man.    Presently that hero discovered some
white moist sugar on the table and asked, with
much asperity, why it had been produced, say-
ing that brown was quite good enough for coffee!!!
This before guests and his staff: he, too, drawing
the pay of a Brigadier General.    After supper
Wilkeson got to work again, assigning me the
task of writing out the lists of killed and woun-
ded.    We labored till about an hour past
midnight and then acended to a roomy attic
in which a nephew of Heintzelman�s and an old
captain were already reposing on a couple of mat-
trasses, each covered with his blanket.           There
were also mattrasses for us, and I, finding
an old bit of carpetting to cover me, slept sound-
ly, after a good wash all over, which not even
my fatigue could induce me to forego.
  7.  Wednesday.   It was a spacious attic
that I awoke in, with a  couple of windows, front
and rear, both looking out on a pleasantish               
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