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Text for Page 214 [05-07-1862]

           Incidents: Hospital Scenes, &c.
vered on the corpse of a slain enemy a pho-
tograph of its owner, doubtless the young fel-
low was proud of his appearance in a lieutenant�s
uniform, and kept the copy from innocent vanity.
Exhibiting it in Williamsburg, and inquiring who
the original might have been, the Union soldier
actually shewed it to the girl to whom the dead
lieutenant had been engaged as a lover.     She
swooned away and was half distracted.       Anon
with Hall to Riley�s and the Mozart regiment.
In his tent, talking with him, being presently
joined by Skilton and Holman, each on horseback.
The doctor bored me a good deal about an opera-
tion he had recently performed, the amputating a
man�s arm at the shoulder-joint, and in the
hopes of getting additional names of the wounded,
I consented to ride with him to several huts
occupied as hospitals.    They were miserable
shanties, hardly shelters from the weather, and
the poor wounded men lay on blankets on the floor,
looking sad but patient enough.     Union soldier
and rebel lay side by side.        Some exhibited
bloody stumps where arms or legs had been; I
saw sickening spectacles in every direction.  Present-
ly I got rid of Skilton and Holman, and with
Hall rode to the battle field, visiting the head
quarters of General Hooker, who was encamp-
ed on the verge of the wood, and who, as usual,               
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