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Text for Page 217 [05-07-1862]

		Brig-Gen. Hooker.
gave us a friendly reception and invited us to
share his dinner, an exceedingly good one, served
under canvas.    Talcott, a newspaper corres-
pondent, I forget for what journal, and Lum-
ley the artist, partook of it also.    The day was
a beautiful
one, the sky
cloudless, the
sun hot.     Hook-
er spoke very 
freely and bit-
erly of his ha-
ving been left
to bear the brunt
of the fight
against heavy
odds, using
a sentence he,
three days

	Brigadier-General Hooker
afterwards Major-General and Commander in chief of the
	�Army of the Potomac.�

[Gunn�s diary continued]
					afterwards, em-
					bodied in his
					official report
					of the battle;
					this:    �His-
					tory will not be
					believed when
					it is told that
					the noble officers
					and men of my
					division were
					permitted to
					carry on this
					unequal struggle
					from morning
until night unaided, in the presence of more than
30,000 of their comrades with arms in their hands.�
The General evidently considered Sumner to blame
in a minor degree, Mc Clellan in the major.
�He�s no soldier!� he said, indignantly, of the               
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