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Text for Page 222 [05-08-1862]

	           In Williamsburg.
out at mid-day, intent on getting a supply of
ink and changing a $20 bill, both of which
I effected, partly through Cobb, Sinclair�s rela-
tive.     Falling in with some doctors, visited the
interior of the Court-house, in use as a hospital.
Introduced, at another place, to a young rebel
lieutenant, a prisoner, very much lionized by his
entertainers.       At dusk turned out in search 
of Wilkeson, going first to Heintzelman�s.
The general sat at the threshold and was good
enough to send a boy upstairs to make inquiry
for the Tribune editor, being apprehensive that
I might meditate a lodging in his house!       Fail-
ing to find Wilkeson, I went to the telegraph
office, recently seized by the U. S. authorities,
and there found young Nichols operating.    He
invited me to coffee and after spending a weary
hour in the office, principally lying down, I went
with him to his tent and partook of the promised
beverage with biscuit, procured after some delay.
Revived a little and went back to quarters,
finding Colston there, writing by a bit of tallow
candle, adhering to the table from its own grease.
He had seen Wilkeson and arranged matters
with him about to morrow.    Scribbling; among
other matters the letter inserted on page 173.
Both Colston and myself kept at work till
  9.  Friday.}       2 in the morning, and then               
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