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Text for Page 224 [05-09-1862]

	   �Onwards to Richmond!�
riding throughout the sultry, cloudless day,
along the long line of the marching army.  Passed
the Mozarters and saw Riley.             Towards sun-
set found ourselves up with the advance, at a
house occupied by General Keyes as his head-
quarters, long past those of Mc Clellan, who
lay, as usual, in the rear.     Endeavoring to get
corn for our horses, we applied to a very civil
Capt. Blanchard, who after giving orders that
the animals should be well supplied, proposed to
introduce me to Gen. Keyes, whom I found a cour-
teous, approvative man, prone to talk of him-
self, but extremely friendly.     Finding that we
had no tent he offered us the use of one, and
caused it to be pitched near the little garden
belonging to the house.  Here we encamped, sleep-
ing on Colton�s and Hall�s blankets � mine
having been left at Yorktown, through Skilton�s
indifference or carelessness.    We lay down
tired out, to which I added my miserable
diarrh�h, which gave me no intermission to
speak of, from this time forwards.    Meanwhile
the bands played the Marseillaise and other
tunes until the stars came out overhead, and
the camp fires burnt all along the lines.
  10.  Saturday.   Miserale purging, again
and again, before breakfast.  We were roused
an hour before daybreak, by the pulling down of               
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