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Text for Page 228 [05-10-1862]

	  At New Kent Court-House.
other states, especially the Texans and Louisiana-
ians.      The poor couple had nothing to sell, or
to eat.          Riding onwards towards the front.
Advised not to go further � but persisted.        Got
to New Kent Court-House, a rather prettyish
place, the walls of a building recently used as
a granary still smoking, its contents having
been fired by the rebels before their retreat.  Found
certain of the Signal corps in possession of a little
house, who proved very jolly fellows.    These
were Lieutenants Daniels � whom I had met
before with Alf Waud � and Paine.    There
had been a skirmish at Slaterville yesterday
and we obtained particulars of it.     In the
little dismantled house were found a great
number of love letters, written by a Miss
Nannie B. Mocock to a Mr Telemachus Taylor
who subsequently became her husband; a very
desirable result one would infer far from the
warmth of the sentiment expressed it was evi-
dent that the youg lady wanted marriage very
badly.     The soldiers read some of the more im-
passioned parts aloud, laughing at and burlesque-
ing them.      The couple had lived in the house,
but the husband was now a lieutenant in a
rebel cavalry regiment; I think he had taken
part in the recent skirmish.    The Signal Corps
fellows gave us a jolly supper and then we de-               
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