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Text for Page 232 [05-11-1862]

	Brigham.   Cumberland Landing.
our yesterday�s ride for four miles � a dusty
hot ride, for the most part performed in shirt
sleeves.    Dismounting once with the intention
of giving my horse a feed of the green and tender
wheat leaves in a field, I was prevented, though
goodnaturedly, by a sentinel, placed to protect
the property and an adjacent house, under the porch
of which sat the rebel owner, complacently smo-
king.    The soldier told me that though he had
had very little to eat that day, the owner of the
house had not afforded him a meal�s victuals �
commenting on this amiable treatment of rebels.
There was overmuch of this sort of thing under
Mc Clellan and the soldiers were naturally savage
at it.          Met Craunch.   At Gen. Smith�s
headquarters, a parade in progress.   At Ayres�
Battery, at last, and reclining under a tent,
the sides of which were reclining under a tent,
the sides of which were hitched up for coolness,
found Brigham, who had almost lost his
voice from cold and didn�t speak too cheerfully
of campaigning, apologizing for being unable to
offer us anything to eat, or a lodging.         Rode
back to New Kent Court House, saw Colston,
then down the piny road again to Cumberland
landing, in search of a lodging and our friends
of the Signal Corps.    Found Daniels, signalling,
not far from Timberlake�s store � a very pictu-
resque scene, of which Hall subsequently made               
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