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Text for Page 233 [05-11-1862]

	    Off for �the White House.�
a drawing for Frank Leslie�s.     Subsequently
retired to Timberlake�s store, intending to sleep
there in the abandoned shop, on a big sail, belong-
ing to some little sloop which had floated on the
adjacent river.    But there were so many blocks
and chains and hard ropes lying beneath it that
it formed a most uncomfortable bed, and though
I was horribly tired and hungry, I could not
get to sleep.     So after an hour or so of trying,
I walked over the hill to Daniel�s tent and turn-
ed in with him till morning.
  12.  Monday.   Return to Timberlakes, a
wash all over and breakfast.  Scoring up diary:
Hall drawing; Colston writing.       The day lovely,
the Pamunkey looking beautiful.  Colston having
finished his letter modestly proposed that I should
go off and mail it for him, doing it himself, when
I emphatically declined.   A visit from Lieut
Kerins of the 6th cavalry, regulars.    Colston
back.    To horse, all three of us by 11; parted
with Colston at the sign-post before alluded to;
Hall and I taking the road to Richmond, via
the White House, the ex-residence of Lee, the rebel
general.      The day was terribly hot, my horse
almost foundered in consequence of his yesterday�s
indulgence in wheat; he could hardly walk, and
that in the slowest manner.     Halting soon, we
got a humble meal at the cottage of an Indian,               
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