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Text for Page 236 [05-12-1862]

	On the Pamunkey River.
which contained some few articles of furni-
ture cotemporary with the great American,
one a table on which it is said that he ate his
wedding breakfast.   But the most attractive
objects to our eyes were the beds; however we
couldn�t be allowed to sleep there, nor would
the overseer be tempted to accommodate us for

		The White House,
Ex-residence of General Lee, of the Confederate Army,
on the site of an house occupied by Washington and his wife.

[Gunn�s diary continued]
the night, pleading lack of room in his house.
So we continued our stroll along the line of
cliff, by the negro-houses, their many inmates eye-
ing us curiously.   Going down to the beach of the
beautiful river we found a little party of hand-
somely dressed naval officers, belonging to a steam-
er, to which they were about putting-off in a boat.               
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